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Doors, Hinges, and Pivots
Locksmith Tools
Key Machines
Cabinet Locks
Door Control
Door Locks
Electronic Hardware
High Security
Key Cabinets
Key Rings, Clips, Tags
Misc. Non-Locking Hardware
Misc. Locking Hardware
NSP Products
Repair Parts

2010-11 Security Products Buying Guide
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Each section can be downloaded one at a time to build your full version of the catalog.
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To Download: Windows: Right click the link, select "Save Target As", you can then download the file to your computer. Create a folder and keep the entire catalog in it ready to use. The files are safe, data only documents.

Note: "Begin10.pdf" contains the cover and basic navigation information. Its small and should be downloaded first.

1AFRO.pdf contains the main contents page. Download this file second. Each section has its own vendor and product index.  Entire catalog is approx 96.5 MB.

File Name
NP60-101.pdf Aug
5.6 MB
New Product Pages 60-101. Replace "Begin10.pdf" to access new section from Begin page. Index file is on the last page
3.6 MB
New Product Pages 1-59. Replace "Begin10.pdf" to access New Product section from your catalog. You can also use it as a stand alone file.
Index is on the last  page of the file.
660KB Cover, instructions and link to New Products section
1AFRO.pdf AA
 1.9 MB Contents, Product Index, Manufacturers Index
ColorADS.pdf Ads
2.3 MB Color Ads from the front of our catalog, Finish chart
2AMed.pdf A
1.6 MB Medeco
2BMulT.pdf B
1.3 K Mul-T-Lock
2DSchPrim.pdf D
676 K Schlage Primus
2EScorp.pdf E
556 K Scorpion
3Keys1.pdf 1
5.3 MB Key Blanks, Key books
4Cabnt2.pdf 2
2.9 MB Cabinet Locks
5CompS3.pdf 3
1.0 MB
Computer Software
6DoorC4.pdf 4
 4.5 MB Door Control - Door closers, exit devices
7DoorLk5.pdf 5
 13.3 MB Door Locks
8ELEC6.pdf 6
 10.8 MB Electronic Access
9KeyCab7.pdf 7
 2.4 MB Key Cabinets
10KeyMa8.pdf 8
 4.5 MB Key Machines & Accessories


 1.7 MB Key Rings, Fobs
12Ltool10.pdf 10

 8.7 MB

Locksmith Tools
13MHdw11.pdf 11
 3.0 MB Misc. Hardware - latch protectors, hinges, door viewers, "Stuff that doesn't lock", etc.
14MisLk12.pdf 12
2.3 MB Misc. Locking Devices - Locks for windows, guns, gates, "Stuff that locks", etc.
15Padlk13.pdf 13
 3.5 MB Padlocks
16RPart14.pdf 14
 3.1 MB Repair Parts
17safes15.pdf 15
 5.0 MB Safes and Safe Deposit
18Vehic16.pdf 16
 2.7 MB Automotive Section
4.0 MB
Parts Diagrams (Dor-O-Matic & Jackson Exit Devices)
20LtdAc18 18
 6.8 MB Limited Access Integrator Section
21ZZBkZ.pdf Z
2.1 MB Back Pages - Maps to warehouses, credit application